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                ABOUT US

                ABOUT US


                Wute Digital Technology Co,. Ltd is a leading manufacturer in China, specializing in research and development, manufacturing and marketing for large format advertising equipments.  

                The product range offered by us is inclusive of Eco-Solvent Printers (DX6/ DX5/DX7 heads),Solvent Printers(Konica/Polaris heads),UV Flatbed Printers(Ricoh/Epson heads) , UV Roll to Roll Printers(Ricoh/Epson heads),UV Hybrid Printers(Ricoh/Epson heads), Sublimation Printers (Ricoh/Epson heads) and Textile Printers. (Ricoh/Epson heads).

                Our company was set up in the year 2001 as a distributor of advertising printing machines.We started to make our own printing machines in 2009.Engineered as per the industry laid norms, the machines we offer are known for their easy operation, low maintenance, long serving life.

                Well trained sale and technical teams ensure the satisfaction of the customers in all respects. We expanded the factory in 2014 again ,our company is progressing towards higher strides of success in the industry and there are distributors and service centers all over the world for our products after several years of continuous efforts.

                We always make our very best in order to develop a best quality product range and well cooperated with serveral system suppliers,adopting advanced system and has become a leader in this printing industry.

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