Applicants interested in a business or personal loan are to visit our office to complete the relevant application form.


Applicants who are interested in our Bill Payment Funding and Invoice Financing products are required to complete the relevant application form; whether online, face to face or via telephone.  After the submitted information is assessed, a Loans Officer will contact you.

Proactive Financial Services Limited currently has four types of loans which have specific requirements (See requirement list).

The interest rates for our loan products will be dependent on your circumstances and the loan amount required.

Upon contacting our office, a Loans Officer will provide the applicable fees.

PFS believes in its potential customers’ ability to repay, whilst seeking to provide the requisite financial assistance. With this in mind, we assess your capacity and recommend the amount we believe will be comfortably afforded by you.

Guarantors are required for all loans as security to reinforce our ability to collect, especially if the loan goes into default.