About Us

Proactive Financial Services Limited (PFS) is a financial company providing loan funding for various activities and to diverse people. PFS envisions assisting its customers by providing cost effective and high quality financial services that address their needs and build their capacity.


PFS focuses on implementing top-class, priority service to achieve operational efficiency and to continuously improve its staff competencies and capabilities.


PFS is committed to creating and maintaining an environment in its organization that resounds confidence from our customers.  To this end, PFS has amassed a very experienced and skillful staff to assist with the delivery of its vision.


PFS is a financial company with a social vision and a business orientation that focuses on providing economic opportunities to transform the quality of lives and communities through the provision of effective and sustainable customer empowering financial services.
To be the best financial company, empowering individuals to live their lives with dignity, social and economic security and justice.
PFS is committed to providing our valued customers with top-class, efficient, prompt and superior customer service at all times, with full transparency. We appreciate your time and will strive to make your overall experience with PFS as easy as 1-2-3. We commit to resolving your issues in a quick and effectual manner. We encourage feedback; so you can email us at customerservice@pfsmoney.com with any compliments, complaints, and questions.