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PFS envisions enriching the lives of its customers by helping you to actualize your aspirations by making accessible to you monetary support; thus, bringing new hope to you.

For Business and Personal Loans, complete the Pre-Application Questionnaire and submit to us and we will assess the information provided. A Loans Officer will contact you to guide you through the application process, upon determining your eligibility.



For Bill Payment Funding and Invoice Financing, complete the relevant Application Form and submit to us.  A Loans Officer will contact you accordingly.

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With expediency and professionalism, we deliver to your financial needs. We cater to customers with genuine needs and who have the integrity, discipline, and ability to repay the sum within the agreed time frame stipulated within the contract.

  • Determine a budget before you borrow.
  • Borrow exactly what you need.
  • Be truthful in completing all requisite loan documents.
  • Borrowing is a responsibility – take it seriously.
  • Avoid late fees and other penalties.
  • Repay your loan on time.
  • Contact us if you experience any difficulty.
  • It is important to check your loan balance at intervals.

Our Customers Say:

“PFS has been great to do business with, as they have been there when I needed help and they treat me with utmost care and respect. All the persons I encountered, were very friendly and professional and they made me feel important. I am a very satisfied customer to the extent that I returned to PFS for a further loan. PFS is my choice!”


Patricia G, Grocery Shop Owner, Kingston
(Repeat Borrower)

“As a business owner, financing is important to the viability of my business operations. When I needed financial assistance, I approached PFS and experienced top-class professionalism and customer care. It was an experience with a difference. I am a multiple loan recipient and will always make PFS my first choice in obtaining financial assistance.”


David T, Businessman, St. Elizabeth
(Repeat Borrower)